Angel & Bear Productions, headquartered in Thailand, is a film finance, development and production company, developing quality commercial films and television series for global audiences.

Founded by CEO and entrepreneur Urs Brunner in 2008, Angel & Bear Productions has financed and produced several feature films in Thailand and the US, among others romantic comedy BITTERSWEET, starring Kip Pardue and James Brolin, horror HELLGATE with Cary Elwes and William Hurt and horror/thriller DEVIL MAY CALL starring Tyler Mane, Traci Lords and Corri English.

Internationally, Angel & Bear Productions works in association with their US partner, Esperanza Productions, of actress/producer Camillia Monet, and its UK sister company Alpha Bear Productions in London, run by Creative Director Nadin Hadi.

Together with Bangkok-based Thongkham Films, Angel & Bear Productions is presently in production of THE SNAKE QUEEN, a fantasy horror tale based on an old Khmer legend and scheduled to shoot SMALLS PAWS, a family fun jungle chase with white tiger cubs and kids in the 4th quarter of 2021. A total of at least 3 productions are planned and fully financed for 2022.

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