devil-may-call DVD

Angel and Bear Productions’ horror-thriller DEVIL MAY CALL is now available on DVD in the US and Canada through Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Grindstone Entertainment!

The horror-thriller stars Corri English (Unrest), Tyler Mane (Halloween I and II), Traci Lords (Blade), Van Hansis (Eastsiders), Tracy Perez (East Los High), and Camillia Monet (The Shield).

Directed by Jason Cuadrado, the film is about a young blind woman who is preparing for her last shift at a suicide hotline. One of her regular callers is a serial killer she unknowingly has been talking out of killing himself. Her last night on the job becomes a nightmare when the killer stalks the call center.

The DVD comes special bonus content including:

  • Audio commentary with the director Jason Cuadrado
  • Short film by director Jason Cuadrado: Monstrous Nature
  • “Composing the Score” featurette with Nicolas Pike
  • Trailer Gallery
  • Digital Copy

It can be purchased from Lionsgate here and is also available from most major retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. Get your copy now!